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7 Mar 2023


Post-Conflict Reconstruction of Cultural Heritage in the Middle East and North Africa

The conference aims to provide a platform for critical discussion and in-depth analysis of post-conflict heritage reconstruction, management of cultural resources, and recovery of societies in MENA, with a particular focus on the Arab states. The conference offers an opportunity for scholars and professionals at different stages of their career and from various disciplinary backgrounds to present and discuss their ongoing research, establish networks, receive feedback from peers, and disseminate knowledge production in the Arab region and beyond....

Yemen Conflict Conference poster 14 Feb 2022


The Conflict in Yemen: Current Situation and Future Prospects

The Center for Conflict and Humanitarian Studies (CHS) in Doha, in cooperation with the Arab Center Washington DC (ACW), and DeepRoot, a consulting firm focused on Yemen....

The Israeli Elections: Domestic Instability, the Palestinian Issue, and Regional Agendas 3 Nov 2022


The Israeli Elections: Domestic Instability, the Palestinian Issue, and Regional Agendas

The discussion will be delivered by Dr. Ibrahim Khatib, Assistant Professor at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, and moderated by Ms. Salma Aljamal, News Anchor at Aljazeera TV channel and MA Student in Conflict Management and Humanitarian Action.

A woman protesting against Taliban 13 Sep 2021


Sultan Barakat

Afghanistan Under Renewed Taliban Rule

The collapse of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on August 15th, 2021 and the ensuing images broadcast out of Kabul – Taliban soldiers in the Presidential Palace and scenes of desperation at Hamad Karzai International Airport – shocked the world with the speed at which the country hurtled towards chaos. In the month since, Afghanistan has become enveloped with a series of political, security, and humanitarian crises that are threatening...

A group of people from the Tribal Islah system (Al-Islah Al-'asha'iri) 1 Mar 2022


Ghassan Elkahlout, Sultan Barakat, Wadee Al-Arabeed

Informal Justice Applications to Local Conflict Resolution: The case of Tribal Islah (Al-Islah Al-'asha'iri) in the Gaza Strip

This paper seeks to study the Tribal Islah system (Al-Islah Al-'asha'iri) as an application of informal justice in settling local disputes. It discusses the extent to which the Islah system can be an alternative to the official judicial system to resolve local conflicts within Palestinian society in the Gaza Strip....

28 Nov 2021


Sultan Barakat, Richard Ponzio

A Step-by-Step Roadmap for Action on Afghanistan: What the United Nations and International Community Can and Should Do

With the sudden Taliban takeover in August, Afghanistan now faces severe, multi-faceted, and interlocking humanitarian, economic, and political crises. As the country stands on the precipice of a major catastrophe, there is one global actor that can help the country pull back from the brink: the United Nations...

10 Nov 2022


Ghassan Elkahlout

Forced Migration in the Arab Countries

The ACRPS has published Forced Migration in the Arab Countries, by multiple authors and edited by Ghassan Elkahlout. The book (672 pp.) includes a bibliography and general index...

Breaking the conflict stalemate in Libya 13 Oct 2022


Sansom Milton, Abdulrauf El-geroshi

Libya's Conflict Stalemate:Towards a multitrack approach to stability and peace

At the UN General Assembly in September 2022, HH the Emir stated that: The positive developments that Libya had witnessed during the past year give rise to cautious optimism. The ceasefire and convening the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum, and the election of representatives of the interim executive authority and winning a vote of confidence of the House of Representatives by the National Unity Interim Government...

Israel-Intercept-Gaza-Blockade-Flotilla 5 Oct 2016


Sultan Barakat

Analysis: Israel should compromise on Gaza-bound flotilla

Israeli armed forces have told Al Jazeera that their navy is about to intercept a boat with female activists heading towards the Gaza Strip. The boat set sail from Barcelona last month, with the stated aim of breaking the Gaza blockade, which has been in place since 2007. Speaking to Al Jazeera, Sultan Barakat, director of the Center for Conflict and Humanitarian Studies, said: “The protest flotilla boat will draw attention to the Gaza siege and Israel can concede and compromise if the right pressure is applied on it by the international community.”

30 Sep 2022


Sansom Milton, Abdulrauf El-geroshi

Breaking the conflict stalemate in Libya

Armed clashes in Tripoli on 28 August sparked fears that Libya was set to slide back into a war reminiscent of the battle for Tripoli in 2019. In no small part due to mediation efforts by Qatar, the country was able to step away from this reality in recent weeks....