The Doha Institute for Graduate Studies and the Center of Conflict and Humanitarian Studies, in collaboration with Qatar National Library and Qatar Museums are organizing a conference on "Post-Conflict Reconstruction of Cultural Heritage in the Middle East and North Africa". On March, 7-8, 2023. The event will be held at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, Doha, Qatar.

The conference aims to provide a platform for critical discussion and in-depth analysis of post-conflict heritage reconstruction, management of cultural resources, and recovery of societies in MENA, with a particular focus on the Arab states. The conference offers an opportunity for scholars and professionals at different stages of their career and from various disciplinary backgrounds to present and discuss their ongoing research, establish networks, receive feedback from peers, and disseminate knowledge production in the Arab region and beyond.

The conference aims to explore the challenges to, and opportunities for, post-conflict reconstruction of cultural heritage in MENA. The conference takes a holistic, inter-disciplinary approach to studying war-torn societies and their cultural heritage reconstruction and recovery. It seeks papers that combine a range of theoretical and empirical perspectives on post-conflict reconstruction and welcomes contributions from a plurality of methodological approaches.

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