The Center for Conflict and Humanitarian Studies (CHS), in cooperation with Waseda University (Tokyo, Japan) and the Institute of Southern Studies at Northwestern University (Doha, Qatar), is co-organising an expert workshop on “Voices for Gaza: The Effectiveness of Humanitarian Response and Prospects for Early Recovery”. The workshop forms part of the commitment of CHS towards supporting humanitarian and recovery response in the Gaza Strip. This workshop aims to unpack the realities of the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip through a sustained dialogue between experts, practitioners, and policy-makers. 

The workshop will involve in-depth analysis of the current humanitarian situation in Gaza and consideration of what is required in practice for effective humanitarian response. The participants will focus on identifying the main challenges facing the humanitarian response and the strategies used by humanitarian agencies operating in the Gaza Strip to overcome access and security obstacles. The discussion will also address early recovery efforts, which will become increasingly essential in the aftermath of the war. The thematic discussion will also take stock of coping mechanisms and response strategies at the individual and community levels, which could ultimately be of significant strategic value in the rehabilitation and reconstruction of Gaza. 

This workshop provides a convening platform for researchers, practitioners, and local stakeholders to engage in dialogue, representing a diverse range of perspectives within and outside the Arab region. The collaborative efforts and participation of the experts from local relief organisations emphasise the importance of listening to and learning from the perspectives of first responders and affected community members in the Gaza Strip.