The Center for Conflict and Humanitarian Studies (CHS) hosted a roundtable discussion on the 24th of April 2024, convening diplomats representing several countries. The meeting is part of the regular debriefing sessions the Center conducts with ambassadors, representatives of diplomatic missions, and international agencies. These sessions reflect the Center's ongoing commitment to fostering coordination and collaboration with international stakeholders in addressing critical humanitarian and political issues in Afghanistan.

Diplomatic representatives from the United Kingdom, the United States, Belgium, Australia, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, and the Republic of Korea were present. Their presence underscored the significance of collective efforts in supporting the rights of the Afghan people. It reflected their commitment to collaborate with academic institutes to address the multifaceted challenges facing Afghanistan.

The CHS team, represented by Dr Aiham Alsukhni and Mr Nasr Muflahi, started the discussion with a summary of the Center's ongoing and planned activities in Afghanistan. Following this, the participants each shared brief updates on the situation in Afghanistan and the outcomes of the recent UN envoy meeting in Doha.

Throughout the meeting, participants exchanged perspectives on the Center's achievements and ongoing initiatives, with a particular emphasis on the importance of continuing to advocate for the rights of Afghan women and girls. Participants shared valuable recommendations on advocating for women's education and meaningful participation in civil and political spheres, recognising the important role played by women in Afghanistan's development and prosperity.

Furthermore, the participants discussed the Center's capacity-building activities for the Afghan institute, where they affirmed the necessity of maintaining engagement with Ulemas and various humanitarian and political stakeholders to support stability efforts in Afghanistan.

Diplomats expressed their appreciation for the Center's proactive and participatory approach  and emphasising the importance of such partnerships in driving positive change. The roundtable provided a platform for the exchanges of ideas and perspectives, reaffirming the collective commitment of the Center to bridging different perspectives through dialogue.

About CHS:

The Center for Conflict and Humanitarian Studies (CHS) is an independent center for research and practice based in Doha, Qatar that is dedicated to promoting dialogue and bridging perspectives to inform and formulate effective responses to the challenges of conflict and humanitarian crises. The Center recognises the importance of creating spaces for inclusive dialogue between local communities affected by crises to raise awareness amongst stakeholders. To this end, inclusivity is a pillar of the Center's activities and engagement, ensuring that a plurality of voices are provided platforms, in particular marginalised or excluded groups.


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