Doha 31 July 2023

The Center for Conflict and Humanitarian Studies (CHS) organized a series of dialogues for Afghan women leaders, held on Doha from 24th to 26th July 2023 to discuss women's inclusion in peace and public life in Afghanistan. This event is part of an integrated project implemented by the Center with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Qatar, aimed at supporting peace efforts in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is suffering from a protracted and complex state of crisis and the Afghan women are a particularly vulnerable group. Therefore, Afghan women must be empowered to play a central role in alleviating this crisis and advancing pathways to prosperity and development that ensures access to their basic rights in education and work.

CHS convened a group of Afghan women leaders from within Afghanistan and from the diaspora for a consultative discussion to share their reflections, experiences, and the support they require from Afghan groups and the international community. Consultations with Afghan women are an integral basis for effective international policymaking.

A discussion with high-level representatives

On the third day of the event, high-level representatives from diplomatic missions, including the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, Spain, the Netherlands, Finland, South Korea, and Italy, along with international organizations such as UN Women, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), USAID, and UNESCO, participated in discussions. These meetings provided a crucial platform for women to express their specific requirements to the international community. Through open and candid dialogue, the women were given the opportunity to articulate the problems and challenges facing Afghan woman, and they suggested a set of recommendations and solutions to the diplomatic missions.

The dialogue sessions among Afghan women led to the formulation of a comprehensive set of recommendations, all of which emphasized the importance of women in the peacebuilding process and the need to strengthen their role and advocate for their rights to education and work. These dialogues have proven to be highly impactful in creating effective channels to amplify the voices of Afghan women on the global stage, empowering them as key partners in shaping Afghanistan's future and ensuring their empowerment remains at the forefront of the international community's agenda.

As the world looks forward to a brighter future for Afghanistan, these dialogues serve as a powerful reminder of the potential and resilience of Afghan women in steering their nation towards stability and progress. The CHS remains committed to further empowering Afghan women and promoting their rightful place in peacebuilding and public life.

CHS is an independent center for research and practice based in Doha, Qatar that is dedicated to promoting dialogue, understanding, and effective responses to the challenges of conflict and humanitarian crises. CHS recognizes the importance of creating spaces for inclusive dialogue between local communities affected by crisis to raise awareness among stakeholders. The Center reflects the value of inclusivity in all aspects of its activities, ensuring that a plurality of voices are provided platforms, in particular marginalized or excluded groups.

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