This chapter explains the relationship between youth participation and post-war reconstruction initiatives, describing how the Gazan youth were excluded from the reconstruction process which took place in the Gaza strip after 2014 war. The participation of the local community, including youth, sits at the heart of reconstruction initiatives, and so, youth participation is a main pillar in the post-war reconstruction efforts. It then should be included throughout reconstruction operations. The chapter argues that the exclusion of the youth in such initiatives in Gaza has led to three results: (1) missing the opportunity to provide them with sustainable job opportunities; (2) depriving them of being involved in decision-making circles; (3) and undermining the likelihood for them to share in sustainable development. Finally, this chapter discusses the impact of young people’s civic engagement and local peacebuilding on community development. 

To cite this article: Alarabeed, Wadee. Youth in post-conflict reconstruction: The case of the Gaza Strip. In Ibrahim Natil (ed.). 2020. Youth Civic Engagement and Local Peacebuilding in the Middle East and North Africa. Routledge. pp. 97-108.