Qatar has, over the past several decades, been transformed from a little-known oil producer in the Gulf to become a major power in the Arab region, with a global role far exceeding expectations for a state of its size. This move from the periphery to the center of global affairs has been spurred by Qatar’s vast wealth derived from gas exports and its staunchly independent foreign policy. Qatar’s role in conflict mediation – which it has pursued since the late 1990s – is one of the most high profile manifestations of this independent stance. Qatar has also emerged as a significant actor in post-conflict reconstruction assistance, in particular in the Middle East. This chapter explores the changing relationship between Qatari mediation and reconstruction efforts in order to contribute towards a better understanding of Qatar as an ‘emerging power’ in conflict response.

The book chapter is available from 'The New Politics of Aid: Emerging Donors and Conflict-Affected States' by Agnieszka Paczyńska, published by Lynne Rienne Publishers.

To cite this chapter: Barakat, S. & Milton, S., 2020. Qatar: Mediation and Regional Objectives. In A. Paczyńska, ed. The New Politics of Aid: Emerging Donors and Conflict-Affected States. Lynne Rienner Publishers, Incorporated: pp.141-161.