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Sansom Milton

Senior Research Fellow

Sansom Milton
CHS Staff


Misspelled WordSansom Milton is a Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Conflict and Humanitarian Studies at the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies. Prior to joining the Center he worked as a Research Fellow at the Post-war Reconstruction and Development Unit, University of York. He holds a doctorate in Post-war Recovery Studies at the University of York which was completed under a departmental scholarship.

His research on humanitarian action, post-conflict recovery, and higher education in conflict-affected societies has been published in leading international journals including Disasters, Journal of Intervention and Misspelled WordStatebuilding, the International Journal of Educational Development, and Globalisation, Societies and Education. His book Higher Education and Post-Conflict Recovery was published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2018.

Misspelled WordDr Milton's research has pioneered the research agenda on higher education in conflict, emergencies, and post-conflict recovery. His paper Higher Education as the Catalyst of Recovery in Conflict-Affected Societies is amongst the most widely cited publications in this emerging field. Misspelled WordDr Milton's book Higher Education and Post-Conflict Recovery was one of the first full-length manuscripts on the subject. He has led research on higher education and conflict response in Syria, Iraq, the Gaza Strip, and Libya.

More broadly, his research interests include conflict analysis and mediation, humanitarian policy, and post-conflict reconstruction, with a focus on the Middle East. His published research in these areas includes analyses of post-war reconstruction in the Gaza Strip, research methods in studies of conflict in the Middle East, the impact of the Gulf Crisis on Qatar's humanitarian sector, and Qatar's role in post-conflict reconstruction assistance.

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