Contributors are invited to submit an abstract for proposed chapters that address the issue of food insecurity, economic crisis, and the growing risks of humanitarian emergencies and conflict escalation in the Middle East and North Africa.

Theme of the Edited Book

Global attention is turning towards the urgency of the economic and food security crisis that threatens to create widespread food shortages push hundreds of millions of people into poverty, and could lead to famine conditions in many countries. This global crisis is driven by macro trends including a supply crisis, rising inflation, climate change, and most recently Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The Middle East and North Africa is particularly at risk as the most import dependent region in the world for its food security and with many countries in the region relying heavily on Ukraine and Russia for food resources.


The edited book will explore these global trends and dynamics in terms of their implications for the Middle East and North Africa – with the region broadly defined. The focus will be on the risks of economic and food security crises triggering severe humanitarian emergencies and the potential for intensifying conflict dynamics in the region. Particular attention will be paid to what priorities, strategies, and policies should be employed in averting humanitarian crises and bolstering conflict prevention efforts in the MENA region.

Submission Deadline

Abstracts should be received by 31 July 2022. Each abstract should be at least 250 words and can be written in English or Arabic.

Submissions from researchers, policy and practice specialists, graduate students, and other interested individuals are welcomed. We particularly encourage early career researchers and academics working in conflict-affected countries to submit their proposed chapters.


Abstracts should be sent to: