Over the past decade, tensions in the region have increased with the start of the Arab Spring, the worsening security situation in the occupied Palestinian territories, the rise in the immoral behavior of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIL), and other crises elsewhere in the world. The outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war had another effect that darkened the international scene. Today, there are more than a hundred conflicts that threaten people's lives and world peace and push back development for the first time in contemporary history, as witness to the horror of these events.  While the intractable situation of finding solutions to the consequences of the Arab Spring, such as forced migration, asylum, and grave violations of the safety and security, life and dignity of civilians in their countries of origin, while in transit or where they settle in, continues, the world was confronted with the forced displacement of the Ukrainians which overstretched the scarce material and human resources that deal with the civilian welfare in armed conflicts.‎

‎In addition to violations of the law of war through disrupting the commercial supply of food and energy, and thus deteriorating the nutritional and living conditions of millions of people around the world, these irresponsible practices have negatively affected wheat and energy prices, threatening dozens of developing and poor countries with the specter of famine, and put millions more in a situation where they will not be able to secure a meal or keep their families and children warm.‎

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