There are more than 6 million people whose humanity has been violated in tents over the past years inside Syria, while there are about two million in the camps of neighboring countries. Perhaps it is time to dismantle pieces to build decent housing

In Afghanistan, millions have been suffering for decades while the war continues and authorities change, ending in a new de-facto government that the international community refuses to recognize, and then the situation remains as it is: politics first, then reconstruction, while the people are at the end of the list. The justifications for that are consistent under the umbrella of humanity, security, and preservation of the right of return.

Today, a visitor to the displacement camps in northern Syria can see the impact of these "standards" and practices based on them as never before. You drive dozens of kilometers where you see tents as far as the eye can see, on the plains, slopes and even rocky mountains. You may think for a moment that you are in an unrealistic world, while the kid in that tent on your right and the kid under the cracked plastic roof in front of you thinks that's the nature of the world.


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