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Sarah Al Khayarin


Sarah Al Khayarin
CHS Champions


Sarah Al Khayarin's major is in Conflict Management and Humanitarian Action, a field she is passionate about. Her research interests focus on conflict resolution, humanitarian diplomacy, small state mediation, education during conflict, post-war reconstruction, and humanitarian financing during crisis. She has extensive experience in the governmental sector and has completed seven online courses from the Humanitarian Leadership Academy and the Harvard humanitarian initiative focused on her research and work on building a better response, anticorruption in humanitarian aid, global disaster risk reduction and management pathways.

At the Center for Conflict and Humanitarian Studies, she is assisting in organizing events and conferences, such as UN75 women ART peace program, the Sudan economic forum, the Afghan peace talks. Among her volunteer activities, she worked with Qatar charity to develop the strategic plan for 2020-2024. During the pandemic, she volunteered with the Ministry of Public Health and the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management in the national volunteering campaign to support the response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Sarah worked as a cooperator during her internship in the office of the special envoy of the Minister of Foreign Affairs for counterterrorism and mediation in conflict resolution.