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Rand Odeh

Communications Officer/Content Creator

Rand Odeh
CHS Staff


After graduating from the University of Leeds with a Bachelor's degree in International History and Politics in 2019, Rand began working at CHS as a communications officer/content creator. She is interested in conflict mediation, humanitarian diplomacy and post-conflict reconstruction and development, particularly regarding the challenges associated with the return of refugees. At the center, her work revolves around digital marketing and communications. She creates graphic design items, manages and disseminates content on the Center's social media platforms and to local media institutions, manages the website, and participates in the coordination of events such as panel discussions and closed roundtables with high-ranking officials. 

She previously worked with Tout Le Monde and Reach Out to Asia to organise a fundraiser to provide humanitarian relief to internally displaced people in Syria under the leadership of Qatar Charity. At Leeds University, she was part of the Palestinian Solidarity Group (PSG) which led campaigns around Leeds and the university's campus. In addition, she co-founded and directed the Middle East and North Africa Society, whose mission was to highlight the cultural, social and ethnic diversity of the region by focusing events on regional themes.

Her thesis scrutinised the US-Saudi relationship, assessing the change and continuity of relations following the September 11 Attacks. In 2020, she completed two Harvard online courses, one on Humanitarian Responses to Conflict and Disaster and another on Child Protection: Children's Rights in Theory and Practice.