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Musa Alaya Al-Afri

Assistant Professor

Musa Alaya Al-Afri
CHS Associates


Dr. Musa Elayah is an Assistant Professor in Public Administration, specialized in International Development, Peacebuilding and Conflict Studies, Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (Qatar), Managing Editor  of Hakama Journal issued by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies. He has an extensive teaching and research experience in international development administration, peacebuilding, crisis and conflict management, public policy, NGO management, and regional development programs and social protection in post-conflict economies. He is well-versed in the broader governance issues in the Arabian Peninsula context. He also has good academic and professional knowledge of Middle East's developmental challenges and high substantive experience on public sector reform issues in the context of conflicting countries.

Dr. Musa is an Assistant Professor at Radboud University Nijmegen, (RU), The Netherlands. He has conducted research and policy documents investigating the potential peacebuilding in conflicting and poor nations. Managed three research projects: • Pathway for Peace, Stability, and Legitimate State building in Libya and Yemen (2018) • Civil Society Organizations CSOs in a Twilight Zone: The Case of Yemen and Syria (2018) • The 2013 National Dialogue Conference (NDC) in Yemen: Why did it fail to prevent conflict (2015-2017) He has published several specialized studies and researches in the field of international development, peacebuilding, NGO management and state-building in post-conflicts. Giving Lectures on various topics related to peacebuilding, NGOs, management, gender, and governance in conflict countries, as well as supervision of student theses.

Elayah is a founding member of the Humble Bees Network, a non-governmental, non profit think-tank that supports mediation in peace processes, with interests in areas of conflict transformation, international development, and global education. He is also founder of the Center for Governance and Peacebuilding in the Middle East as a non-governmental organization in the field of research and non-profit policies.