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Mariam Al-Misnad

Minister of Social Development and Family

Mariam Al-Misnad
CHS Associates


Mariam Al-Misnad is currently the Minister of Social Development and Family in Qatar. She has over 15 years of experience in institutional work, focusing on management and strategic planning in community, educational and development institutions at the local, regional and international levels. Through her role in executive management, Mariam has been able to develop management systems, strategic and operational plans and oversee their implementation, improve the performance of employees and institutions, as well as qualifying these organizations for international accreditation, such as ISO.

Mariam Al Misnad holds an Executive Master's degree in Strategic Planning and Business Administration from HEC University and is one of the graduates of Qatar Leadership Center's (QLC) "Executive Leadership" program, as well as a member of the Advisory Board of the School of Public Administration and Development Economics (SPADE) at Doha Institute.

Mariam has served as an Executive Director of the Orphans Care Center (Dreama), and the Protection and Social Rehabilitation Centre (AMAN). She was also the Regional Director of Communication and Awareness Campaigns within "Education Above All" Foundation and acted as the Director of Media and Communication of the Social Rehabilitation Center. Additionally, she was the Acting CEO of the Childhood Cultural Center, and a member of the Childhood Committee at the Supreme Council for Family Affairs.

Al Misnad has been awarded the title of Ambassador of Orphans twice in a row, making her the first Gulf woman to receive this award by the Higher Committee organizing the "Sanabil" Award for Social Responsibility in the Gulf Cooperation. She has also contributed to sensitizing the community to the most critical issues related to the education of children in areas of armed conflicts in order to raise public awareness in the local and international communities.