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Iyad Nasr

Visiting Research Fellow

Iyad Nasr
CHS Staff


​Dr. Iyad Nasr is the Chief Executive Officer of The London House of Consultants. He has an experience in the field of International Humanitarian Law, Humanitarian work, protection, and Humanitarian Diplomacy for more than two decades. He is an expert in dealing with none state arms carriers in armed conflicts with a focus on Law of Armed Conflicts and its relationship with the Shariat and Islamic Law. Dr. Iyad has a vast knowledge and understanding of the MENA region and its different socio-political aspects. He worked on security issue and negotiation of access with armed groups in Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Thailand, Iraq, etc. He is a Professor of IHL in different universities and regional academic institutes. He also served as the Head of media relations for the ICRC and IHL training and capacity building for ten years.