International calls for the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip began just shortly after the recent conflict erupted on 27 December, and, during the upcoming weeks, hundreds of millions of dollars will be mobilised in support of Gaza’s rebuilding and recovery. This document provides guidance for ensuring that those funds are spent effectively and that those involved build upon lessons learned from previous reconstruction efforts in Gaza and elsewhere in the region. While it is difficult at times to move beyond the scale of the suffering, both that preceding and resulting from the recently ended conflict, the authors feel a document such as this is their best way of contributing to both Gaza’s recovery and the prevention of future a reversion to violence.

The ‘Guidance Note’ begins by addressing the contextual features of contemporary Gaza which will move heavily influence the reconstruction process before outlining a series of key lessons learned and providing strategies and options.

To cite this report: Barakat, S, Zyck, S & Hunt, J 2009, The Reconstruction of Gaza: A Guidance Note for Palestinian and International Stakeholders. Post-War Reconstruction and Development Unit, York.