The Center for Conflict and Humanitarian Studies (CHS) organizes a partnership program on women in conflict and peace under the umbrella of the UN75 Global Governance Forum. In view of 2020 marking the 20-year anniversary of UN Security Council Resolution 1325, the program recognizes the lack of progress in ensuring the full representation of women in peacemaking and recovery processes at every level.

These conventions and resolutions have helped make a progress towards recognizing the unique contributions of women in preventing violence, ending conflict, and partaking in post-conflict reconstruction; and taking into account a gendered perspective in peace and security. 

The Women ART program raises awareness of the efforts of women-led organizations at the grassroots level and promotes advocacy for women's representation in Track II and Track I peace efforts. 

CHS will facilitate the bringing together of local, regional, and international representatives of relevant UN agencies, government stakeholders, research centers, civil society groups, and local communities. Partners are essential contributors to the development of the program and its roadmap.

The working groups develop context-analysis reports to help acknowledge the existing initiatives and explore areas where value-added work on advocacy, research, and training is feasible. This includes evidence-informed peace-making efforts, mediation, policy engagement, and responses to humanitarian crises in Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, and Sudan.