In partnership with the Heart of Asia and the Center on International Cooperation, CHS is organizing a series of track II discussions in order to help facilitate dialogue and provide understanding of the strategies and positions of parties to the conflict in Afghanistan, as well as enhance the role of regional and international actors.

The meetings, held under Chatham House rules, have brought together leading Afghan and international scholars, diplomats, policy-makers, and practitioners to engage in wide-ranging discussions on perspectives for peace in Afghanistan.

CHS is involved in co-organizing a series of meetings as an international partner to the HAS. The center co-hosted several meetings, particularly on the role Qatar plays in facilitating the ongoing peace process in Afghanistan. While initial meetings were held in Istanbul, subsequent meetings have taken place virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

CHS is committed to further advancing track II dialogue on the Afghan peace process. This activity is one of several track II initiatives that CHS is engaged with as part of its technical support for regional and global peacemaking processes.