In line with the CHS mission to stimulate Arabic language knowledge production and generate specialized academic literature on conflict management and humanitarian work, it has pioneered a publishing project for a series titled Studies on Humanitarian Work. The series seeks to lay the foundations for specialization in this discipline in the region given the increasing need to benefit from, then apply and adapt it to suit local requirements, in addition to interacting with and contributing to the field at an academic level

Within this series, nine edited books will be published, each focusing on one specialized humanitarian topic, in partnership with the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) in London. As a first building block, each of these publications will include a number of translated and selected studies from classic peer-reviewed journals Disasters and Development Policy, highly respected by academics and practitioners alike. It will also feature original studies in Arabic and, as per the project objective, an expanded introduction linking the book's content to features of humanitarian work in the Arab world.

Within this framework, the study selection process is subject to a methodology specifically designed to serve the purposes of the project. Papers are filtered according to subject relevance, category, number of citations, rank, and their connection and applicability to local disaster contexts, especially those related to conflicts and complex emergencies. Other features, such as the extent to which the study is considered a reference or foundational, and contemporary relevance will also factor in the selection process.