Doha, Qatar - In a united effort to tackle the challenges facing Afghan women's education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Qatar and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia will jointly host the Workshop of the International Conference on Afghan Women's Education (ICAWE), under the theme "Education for Her, Progress for All," this 9 December in Doha.

The workshop, organized by the Center for Conflict and Humanitarian Studies, directly precedes this year's Doha Forum on 10 to 11 December. It will bring together leading experts, international organizations, and stakeholders to address barriers hindering Afghan women's access to quality education. Findings of the workshop will then be presented the following day at Doha Forum to an audience of policymakers and thought leaders who will gather this year under the theme Building Shared Futures.

The State of Qatar and the Republic of Indonesia recognize the profound impact education has on nations and the critical importance of empowering Afghan women through education. In this regard, the conclusion of the workshop at Doha Forum will serve as a basis for further recommendation to the upcoming high-level meeting of 2nd ICAWE in Doha.

Challenges stemming from conflict, poverty, natural disasters, displacement, and gender disparities necessitate focused attention, and the workshop will provide a platform for in-depth discussions, sharing best practices, and developing strategies to enable women's education.

The workshop's key objectives include defining challenges, advocating for international support, facilitating knowledge exchange, and generating recommendations tailored to improving the education sector specifically for Afghan women.

Featuring an opening session followed by four thematic sessions, the workshop is structured to encourage active participation and in-depth discussion. Each session, with a duration of two hours, will involve a panel discussion, group discussions, and a presentation of outcomes, fostering interactive dialogue among participants.

The four thematic sessions will focus on formal education, informal community-based education, financing and global partnership to fund education, and digital solutions for education.

Participants in the workshop, which takes place in Doha, will include Afghan, Arab, and international technical experts, scholars, activists, and politicians, across government, non-government, international and academic organizations, ensuring inclusive discussions that lead to concrete actionable recommendations.

CHS has been committed and consistently endeavors to enhance Afghan girls' and women's access to education through advocacy, mediation, and collaboration, especially with the ministries of foreign affairs of several countries. The center has organized numerous dialogue sessions and conferences, hosting experts and concerned stakeholders from Afghanistan and other countries to push for an impactful change towards improving the education sector in Afghanistan.

CHS is an independent center for research and practice based in Doha, Qatar that is dedicated to promoting dialogue, understanding, and effective responses to the challenges of conflict and humanitarian crises.

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