The Center for Conflict and Humanitarian Studies (CHS) in Doha, in cooperation with the Arab Center Washington DC (ACW), and DeepRoot, is organizing a two-day academic conference entitled "The Conflict in Yemen: Current Situation and Future Prospects", from February 14-15, 2022.

Based on the organizers' shared commitment to serve as bridges between academia and practice, and their keenness to examine the widest possible range of views of parties and actors. To that end, keynote remarks will be delivered by H.E. Hans Grundberg, the UN special envoy for Yemen, and H.E. Timothy A. Lenderking, the US Special Envoy for Yemen. Additionally, opening remarks will be delivered by official representatives of the Yemeni conflict parties, the Yemeni government and Ansar Allah.

Selected prominent academics and researchers specialized in Yemen will then present their peer-reviewed research papers in four sessions, each of which will focus on one important aspect of the conflict in Yemen. The conference will provide an opportunity for researchers, academics, politicians, and key stakeholders concerned with Yemeni affairs to attend and participate in the discussion.

The conference comes at a time when global concerns about the future of the country and the region continue to grow with the absence of tangible progress in the peace process since the war's outbreak in 2014. Over two days, participants will discuss their latest research and shed light on a wide range of issues pertaining to conflict and post-conflict periods to promote efforts in peace making, recovery, reconstruction and development.

Consequently, this conference serves as an opportunity for participants to attempt to better understand the conflict's dynamics and conceptualize more comprehensive and thoughtful solutions to the conflict. It also aims to attract the interest of donors and key actors in international mediation and reconciliation, recovery, reconstruction, and development to involve them in addressing Yemen's current struggles and promoting regional and international cooperation for addressing these critical challenges.

The conference will be held on Zoom, with live interpretation in Arabic and English available. Registration is open to all those interested in Yemeni affairs, and attendees will have the opportunity to discuss and ask questions in the allotted question-and-answer periods.

For Zoom registration:

First day sessions.

Second day sessions.


The entire conference will be broadcasted live on the CHS' social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, along with event partners' platforms.

The conference booklet (agenda, participants, and abstracts) is attached below.