The Center for Conflict and Humanitarian Studies (CHS) is organizing a seminar titled "Humanitarian Knowledge Generation: Global South Experiences" on Thursday, 1 June, 2023, at 11:00 A.M. (Doha time).

The Center will host Beth Eggleston, Co-founder and Director at the Humanitarian Advisory Group (HAG) in Australia, and Dr Alwaleed Alkhaja, Head of Open Access and Copyright at Qatar National Library (QNL). The discussion will discuss the importance of research and knowledge generation in the field of humanitarian action to develop practice and research in complex humanitarian contexts. The event will be moderated by Dr Abdulfatah S. Mohamed, who is a Visiting Research Fellow at the Center for Conflict and Humanitarian Studies (CHS) in Doha.

The event is open to the public and will be held in the lecture hall on the second floor of the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies (ACRPS) in Doha. Instantaneous interpretation between Arabic and English will be available.

For more information, contact us via email at